Fursuit Head Construction

topic posted Wed, April 19, 2006 - 1:19 PM by  Kenandra
I'm really picky about how I want my head to come out. Particularly because I wan't to beable to equip said fursuit head with several different wigs. I've been lookin around online for fursuiters who do suit head with wigs but I'm wondering if i make it myself. how much size should I limit myself to to make tis happen?

The real questions for me are : Buy or build the head, How much could this cost, and once in possesion of either finished products, how to deal with the wig issue?

Maybe I'm just nuts(or too picky), But if I have a costume done, it should feel like an exstension of my very being. That's part of why one wears a fursiut. To almost physically be what we feel we should be. (That and to have fun! =^.^=) I am a bit of an actress so a fursuit is a new challenging costume. But also being an artist it is also a way for me to conve to the outside the fursona that is my own, not just on paper but in the "fur & flesh" .
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    Wed, April 19, 2006 - 3:21 PM
    Heads vary greatly in size from slightly larger than your head to huuuuge mascot heads. If you want to buy off-the-shelf wigs, then I suggest that you use the balaklava style of head-making. It'll still be larger than your head, but if you get really big wigs then it should work. The other option is to make your own custom wigs *just* for your head. That way you know it'll fit right.

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